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A recent study by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment noted, that there are several factors to consider where management’s aim is to improve workplace productivity. They found the following drivers:

1. Building leadership and management capability
2. Creating productive workplace cultures
3. Encouraging innovation and the use of technology
4. Investing in people and skills
5. Organising work
6. Networking and collaboration
7. Measuring what matters
Thus, appropriate information technology is a central component in improving workplace productivity.

Further, critical measures of productivity in the service industry are the service transaction and the outcomes related to the performance of that service. Therefore, the factors to consider, where the aim is to improve productivity, are both product improvement and process improvement.

Another consideration is the influence that information technology can have over both the operational and value creation activities of any organisation. With respect to operational activities, appropriate ICT expenditure should be aimed at gaining efficiencies. With respect to value creation, or profit generation, activities ICT expenditure should be seen as an investment for the express purpose of creating greater value or generating more profit.

And so, the key question is – what is the aim of your ICT investment? Does it have the intent of improving productivity? Are you investing in things which reduce time taken to complete tasks? Are you investing in things which will increase your income? One is a TCO equation, the other is an ROI equation.
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Posted August 24, 2015 by terop in Business Strategy, ICT Strategy, Innovation

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