IT Bias Improves Innovation   Leave a comment

Research indicates that investment in IT leads to improved innovation outcomes. For the purposes of this short discussion, there are three components of innovation:

  1. the intensity of research & development
  2. acknowledged Intellectual Property of the firm (patents)
  3. the value of intangible assets

Further, it has been found that four of the top five reasons for investment in information technology among Fortune 500 companies are related to:

  • intangible assets
  • innovation activities
  • exploration activities

Thus IT is associated with the finding new areas of growth, for exploring perhaps unchartered territory. IT is central to innovation. A focus on IT improves the value of the firm by expanding the intangible asset base.

So, are you using information technology to:

  • develop new products?
  • analyse current and new markets”
  • expand your theoretical knowledge about your products and services?
  • understand how you can do what you do in a better way?

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Posted August 18, 2014 by terop in Futures, ICT Strategy, Innovation

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