Is your Data an Asset?   Leave a comment

Think about the all the data you have in your organisation.

For a business there is customer data, sales data, advertising information and personnel files. For not-for-profits there are donor registers, volunteer lists and information about those you support.

How do you view that information? Do you treat it as an asset worth protecting? Do you see it as a resource for operating more effectively?

If you view your information as an asset, do you treat that asset like you treat other assets? With the protection of insurance and with the care of regular maintenance?

For viewing data as an asset, this insurance comes in the form of information security. That your data is protected from unauthorised access, copying, destruction, disclosure, disruption, modification and use. Its kept safe, its backed up and it available to who it should be available to.

For viewing data as a resource, its use comes in the form as data mining. Its where your data is analysed for trends and patterns. For the discovering of knowledge. For its through techniques such as cluster analysis (looking at groups of records), anomaly detection (unusual actions) and rule association (dependencies) that new knowledge can come to light. And from that knowledge, operational effectiveness or strategic responsiveness can be improved.

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Posted July 17, 2014 by terop in Data Mining, ICT Strategy, Information Security

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