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A recent report on how well IT is being used in business was an eye opener.

This report showed that only 1 in 5 businesses with less than 25 employees thought that having an IT strategy was good for their business, whilst this proportion rose to 1 in 3 for larger organisations.

What does that mean? The implications are that there is little direction regarding IT’s:

  • governance
  • measurement
  • organisational structure
  • processes
  • service portfolio
  • sourcing

The consequence of this is that IT is largely reactionary, it’s plans are not in synch with the host organisation. That the returns from any investment in IT are not being fully realised. That even security may be threatened, or opportunities may be missed.

So, where to from here. Well, two things. First a check list and then some action.

The check list:

  • governance: do you have policies in place for computer usage, security and business continuity?
  • measurement: how easy is it to get reports of internet usage, data capacity and fault resolution times?
  • organisational structure: have you got the right people doing the right jobs for the right reasons?
  • processes: are things going smoothly, are internal systems right for the job?
  • service portfolio: what services do IT provide and are these the right ones?
  • sourcing: should you insource or completely outsource, are you getting value for money from your current provider(s)?

And the action:

  • decide on the suite of business objectives
  • review your current set of processes, applications, data and technology
  • create a new, or upgraded set of processes, applications, data and technology to suit your business objectives
  • and finally, bring about the change


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Posted July 4, 2014 by terop in Architecture, ICT Strategy, Policies

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