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IT is short for information technology. Its about the technology that supports, creates, transports and stores information.

But more often that not we use the IT tools at our disposal in such a prosaic fashion without fully comprehending the power available. We just open up Microsoft Excel to enter some of the latest financial data. Perhaps use Google Docs to share some facts. Even send some images via email or a social media platform.

But do we see the information we either have as a resource? As something that is valuable, as an asset of significance, as something worth more than just the intrinsic worth of its face value?

And do we see the tools we use, the Excel, the Google Docs, the email and social media platform as simply a tool to get a job done or as the means to facilitate something more.

What information do you have, and what technology are you using to exploit it?

What insights could you gain from the trends contained within the historical data about your customers, about your suppliers? Could your data be used to better support operational, even strategic, decisions?

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Posted June 17, 2014 by terop in ICT Strategy, Innovation, Technologies

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