IT Alignment – what do the users do?   Leave a comment

Do you know what the users of IT in your organisation are doing? What type of work are they handling on a daily basis?

And importantly, is the information technology that they are provided with supporting this activity efficiently?

One way to think about this is through their types of communication. Are they coordinating, collaborating, or being an information conduit?
– Coordinating: ensuring others are getting things done, booking resources, dealing with timelines
– Collaborating: working with others toward a common goal, sharing ideas, sharing resources
– Conduit: sending and receiving information and instructions, creating work, being that knowledge resource

From here, what tool do they use to get these tasks done? Are all 3 types of users lumped with the same technology, and thus being potentially inefficient, or is the IT they use tailored for their primary type of communication.

By getting this right, measurable improvements in productivity can be realized.

For more, see Dellium Advisory

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