Is your technology roadmap just a laundry list?   Leave a comment

Is that action plan, that list of IT projects just a “to do” list? Or is the aim to bring some form of strategic alignment between IT and the organization?

What is the thinking that goes into the planning? Is it – well I’ve got to upgrade the Windows Desktops, and I’ve got to look at the BYOD stuff. And oh, we do need to do something about printer management this year.

Or is you plan based on what the organization is doing?

Is the strategic positioning if the organisation focused more on low prices? Well, focus on cost efficiencies. Ask yourself questions around licensing costs, around automation (& possible outsourcing) of housekeeping tasks, around how you can reduce the number of platforms you support.

Or, is the strategic positioning centred on differentiation in the market? So yes, by all means focus on costs – but also pay attention to what makes your organisation different. Is it the sales process – how can sales work smarter? Is it your contact/call centre – how productive & efficient are they? Or is it your reputation in the market – how are you using the data you have?

My advice? Turn the laundry list into pathway of strategic intent. Strategic intent that is aligned with the organisation you support.

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Posted February 28, 2014 by terop in ICT Strategy, Innovation, Leadership

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