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Excellent book on thinking and the impact it has on our ability to persuade.

As the sub-title states: “Moving hearts and minds”.

The starting point is our standard thinking repertoire:
– deficit thinking: focus on faults, weaknesses in the target of discussion
– rational thinking: accentuates the logical components to a problem
– sticky thinking: views raised build on previous view
– common sense thinking: problem solving through inexpert knowledge
– binary thinking: mutually exclusive options
– equity thinking: fairness

By and large we default to these standard “thinking engines” due to our automatic responses to various language triggers.

Thus, to change thinking engines we need to use different triggers.

The proper use of thinking channels can be used to create movement, achieve buy-in, release energy and start action. To change channels during the course of a conversation there are three techniques:
– channel flipping
– channel hopping
– channel targetting

Now Ryde proposes shadow thinking channels:
– deficit > strength-based
– rational > feeling
– common-sense > insight
– equity > 360 degree
– binary > re-integrated
– sticky > exit

For me, this is quite a useful tool. It opens up a pathway to get better informed meeting outcomes and decisions in other contexts.

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