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This book comes from the heart of Glenn Ray. With 27 years as a member of commercial organisations and a further 15 as an organisational development consultant, plus the study he has undertaken, Glen knows what goes into successful leadership.

Facilitative leadership is successful leadership.

And the qualities of a facilitative leader are:
– relationship building
– coaching
– learning
– problem solving
– action planning
– implementation tracking

And there are 5 modes that the leaders functions in:
– enabler of change
– respectful communicator
– developer of people and teams
– master of problem-solving tools
– manager of conflict

And yes, Glenn does use various models (ie. the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Model, various brainstorming techniques, and so on) but at its heart the facilitative leader displays servant leadership.

For me, this book highlights the way to get the best out of those you are leading.

Posted February 21, 2013 by terop in Books Read, Leadership, Organisational Development

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