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This is one of the classic management books. First released in 1982.

In developing his thesis on the attributes of excellence, Peters draws together several threads.

One is his background. Whilst Tom was an “Organisational Effectiveness” practice leader at McKinsey & Co he developed their “7-S Framework. This framework was designed to inculcate flexibility into organisations to meet their changing conditions.

The multi-variable “7-S Framework”:
– structure
– strategy
– staff (people)
– (management) style
– systems (& procedures)
– style (guiding concepts)
– shared values

Another is management theory. He explores the shortcomings of the “rational models” with their foundations in Frederick Taylor’s scientific management theory. Moves onto the “human relations” management theories of McGregor, et al. And finally ends up with some of the current thinking around the impact of an organisation’s environment upon its management practices.

Taking the above with real-world analysis, Peters posits eight attributes of excellence:
  – a bias for action
  – close to the customer
  – autonomy & entrepreneurship
  – productivity through people
  – hands-on value driven
  – stick to the knitting
  – simple form, lean staff
  – simultaneous loose-tight properties

A recipe, I believe, for an IT department or a whole organisation

For me, this book develops the ideals for a good performance.

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