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Been and interesting few weeks. Normal life, plus study for TOGAF. Why the TOGAF qualification?

Well, I felt that I needed to add some formal IT architecture qualifications to “brand Paul Tero” (to use a current meme). Even though I’ve been developing IT architecture for the companies I’ve worked for over the years, it was time to make it formal. It was time to back my skills and capabilities with some theory, with a qualification.

The second and related question, was which Framework? Well, I soon discovered that the Mac vs Microsoft war is nothing! That there are loud proponents for Zachman, passionate TOGAF devotees, those for TEAF, and so on. So, with a bit of LinkedIn crowd-sourcing and some other research I decided on TOGAF.

So, what have I learnt? Lots. I bought the self-study guide, listened to some pod-casts, talked to a couple of people, passed the practice exams, and successfully passed the Foundation exam today. Through that process I began to understand methodologies, repositories, continnuums, building blocks and more. I found out about formalising the seperation between architecture domains (business, data, application and technology).

And so, with practice through real-world application, I believe that I’ll be able to realise better business outcomes.

Posted September 22, 2011 by terop in Architecture, Career, ICT Strategy

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