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So, what have I accomplished? What have I left behind? How have I improved the company’s infrastructure?

–       Designed, developed and deployed a national remote access standards (national, 35 sites, 1997)

–       Designed and deployed multiple Outlook-based workflow improvements (single office, 2000)

–       Designed and deployed a cascaded star topology for infrastructure services [AD, AV, Patch Management]   (national, 70 sites, 2,500 users, 2004)

–       Designed and deployed global AD architecture (international: 14 child domains across 3 continents, 2005)

–       Design and deploy infrastructure monitoring services including SNMP, Netflow, server service & availability monitoring (data centre & national WAN, 2005)

–       Designed and deployed gateway application security services (firewall, email filtering, web-proxy) (national, 2,500 users, 70 sites, 2006)

–       Together with vendor offerings and specialists, designed and deployed an MPLS-based national WAN as part of a migration to the new vendor. (2006)

–       Together with specialist vendors and suppliers, design  and build a data centre, including power, a/c and environmental monitoring (serving 70 sites, 2007)

–       Together with specialist vendor, designed & deployed a multi-site Cisco VoIP solution including call-centre, reception, call recording technologies (2008)

–       Designed & deployed LUN architecture, storage tiering, and relevant EMC & VMWare replication technology to achieve effective computing infrastructure (2 sites, ESX farm, 2009)

–       Designed & currently deploying a storage-based email archival and a business continuity and disaster recovery solution based on EMC (Avamar, SourceOne) and VMWare technology (2 sites, ESX farm, 2011)

And, how have I taken hold of industry solutions and applied them to the business that I work for in order to improve efficiency and costs?

–       RSA-based token for remote access to head office email and data

–       Designed and deployed a cascaded star topology for infrastructure services (including Active Directory domain consolidation) that improved network infrastructure management, improved support experience, reduced user computer problems and improved overall security

–       VoIP system implementation & expansion that included off-site call-centre capabilities, and future Territorial telephony consolidation and extension requirements

–       Designed & deployed multi-site wireless solutions with different security contexts based on the user’s profile

Finally, what about innovation?

–       Web-based co-ordination services (1997). The innovation was in deploying an extranet, and obtaining buy-in to facilitate the inter-agency service delivery co-ordination

–       Video-conferencing deployment (1998). The innovation was in the desktop-based solutions that interfaced with established external vendor technology

–       Multi-lingual Kiosk (1998). The innovation was in the ability of the kiosk to deliver service information, on customer premises and outreach events, in multiple local languages

–       A 3×3 server matrix for EDI exchange (2003). The innovation was in the application of deployment processes across presentation, business-logic and database layers for development, staging, and production servers

–       Equitrac-based print management solution (2011). The innovation is in the use of existing security cards to manage printer usage, and is in the use of the programs feature set to manage non-standard user conditions

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