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As a company director, and within the paid day-job roles, I am called upon to develop all or part of the organisation’s IT strategy.

And so, what does “IT Strategy” mean, what is the scope and how does it play out?

At one level it means explaining to, lobbying if you will, key decision makers of the various technologies and industry trends. It means informing internal clients on how to best save money, or how to perform some business processes more efficiently. It means bringing to bear my experience of IT together with my understanding of what the business requires to either enlighten or influence key decision makers.

In another context it requires developing the ICT Strategy. My preferred method is the Boar method. That is analaysing the situation from a number of angles, developing strategy statements, and finally putting in place projects to execute the vision painted by the strategy statements. These inputs could cover situational analysis, position statements and what directives & assumptions they are working under. The statements and related information talk about objectives & goals and what strategic moves need to be made.

And yet a third meaning of ICT Strategy Development is developing the architecture. It means what technological jigsaw pieces need to be in place. If its DR and Business Continuity, what procedures are required, where is the storage going and what network insfrastructure is needed. If its security, what are the layers, the devices, and what vendor support is available.

But all this requires understandable communication & integrity. Those turning to me for advice must understand that I will offer business sensible solutions and that the advice is birthed in the practical. They are assured that what I propose will be a good fit for the organisation in terms of where their capabilities lie, and the direction that they are heading. And they know they’ll be able to understand the technology and any implications.

Posted March 14, 2011 by terop in Architecture, Current Role, Directorship, ICT Strategy

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