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Engaged to manage three IT staff to ensure high-availability and highly-secure facilities in a technical environment incorporating Windows 2000 desktop and clustered server operating systems on high-end HP servers providing MS-SQL and MS-Exchange applications, Cisco firewalls, access card systems and video surveillance equipment.

This was an interesting role. It was not so much technical as maintaining morale and the customer service focus of my staff as the commission wound down.

The Technical Side:

I was the third IT Manager of three over the life of this Royal Commission. And up to when I started, the staff had travelled all over the country. They had set up the “mobile” hearings court in all major capital cities and some major regional centres. They had been dealing with mainly with lawyers, and other high-powered individuals. The systems we managed were fairly stable, but it did require a fair degree of knowledge, especially on my part, to ensure that the robustness and security of the systems were maintained.

And, as I was the last IT Manager, it fell to me to wind things down. To prepare the equipment for auction, to ensure the security of archived data, and to forensically clean all hard drives that went out the door. I also had to maintain skeleton services as long as possible and to work with the Commissioner’s changing timetable to achieve all of these things.

The People Side:

Putting this phase of the commission into a human context, you realise that a range of emotions and motivations will come to the fore.

There was handling of my people’s responses as our internal customers started treating them unprofessionally. There was interviewing for replacement team members as people left. There was the maintenance of motivation of my team members.

’twas a time of learning!

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