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Lead a team in maintaining and developing the organisation’s network infrastructure services across the 400+ networked sites throughout Southern Territory (WA, SA, NT, Vic, Tas) with responsibility for ensuring the cost-effective and efficient deployment of technology (Active Directory, Anti-virus, Data Communications, infrastructure monitoring, user computing environment, wireless, server virtualisation, and VoIP).

And that just about sums up what I do, its mainly about infrastructure. The networks, the servers and the network services. Also the PC’s. Its about the platforms that the organisation runs on.

My focus is about a secure, efficient, robust and cost-effective infrastructure so that we, as an IT department, can deliver the required computing-based services across a geographical area that includes WA, SA, NT, Tasmania & Victoria.

Its been a quite varied and dynamic time. When you think about such things as Active Directory upgrades (across 70 WAN sites), introducing Sophos and SMS, becoming the key SAN-man (FC450 to CX300 to CX4-120), designing and implementing the network infrastructure (LAN, WAN, wireless and firewalls), maintaining technical familiarity with SQL, Citrix and VoIP, providing internal consultancy on business application selection and/or development, as well as office moves for those 70 plus (mostly leased) sites, and dealing with a number of vendors and third-party suppliers, you can see that it can become quite fulfilling.

Then, as The Salvation Army is a global organisation I’ve also have an International focus with my role. Firstly, as one of three AD Enterprise Admins (we have a global Active Directory Domain with 14 child domains) I’m involved with support as well as key architecture decisions and policy matters. Secondly, I’ve delivered sessions at our international IT-related conferences in New Zealand, Hong Kong and London. And thirdly, I’ve upgraded and installed office IT in Papua New Guinea and Mexico.

Quite a privilege.

And all that I’ve outlined just scratches the surface!

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